PPL Question Bank


Simulation of official exams


We have a section that allows the creation of completely customised tests with random questions based on various user-defined parameters that allow for an infinite number of possibilities.

We are not just a question bank

We make sure that PPL students understand each of the questions. That is why we try to provide complete and detailed explanations with the help of our own images and animations.

Constantly updated

We have a method whereby users of this bank can contribute new questions, which, once validated by our team, are entered into our database. We also keep an eye on the latest questions appearing in official exams.

We strive to offer the highest quality

All questions contained in this bank are thoroughly reviewed by a highly experienced multidisciplinary team.

We are a multidisciplinary team

We have the support of highly experienced flight instructors in theoretical and practical teaching.


All your progress will be recorded by an advanced statistics system, so that you can analyse your progress and focus on the subjects that are most difficult for you.

Correct your mistakes

We allow the user to store specific questions in a personal list, so that they can repeat them. The complete history of tests taken is also stored.

Simulation of official exams

The structure of the exams is the same as what you will find when you sit the official exams. When the time comes, you will feel comfortable and save time.

Improve your chances of passing

Start a free test and see when you are 100% ready to take your official exams.

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